Francesco Moretti


Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum 2015  


The project Q-Art Code was created by the Italian visual artist Francesco Moretti for the 6th International Sculpture Symposium 2015; organized by the Theodoros Papayannis' Museum of Contemporary Art in Elliniko village, Ioannina, Greece.


The project was inspired by and dedicated to the succession of sculpture symposiums that have taken place in Elliniko. Its purpose is to examine the convergence of different effects, styles and textures from all the artists who have participated over the years and to focus on this powerful and unique artistic experience.


Thanks to the presence of the Theodoros Papayannis' Museum of Contemporary Art and the large number of works contributed by various artists, in the village of Elliniko as well as the surrounding area. These artistic contributions have completely transformed the area into a large open-air sculptural park juxtaposed against the dramatic landscape of the North Tzoumerka.


The project Q-Art Code, was made from recycled materials and plays on symbolism. For example, the wheels of the bicycle symbolize the variety of the artists of the symposiums: everyone works with its own motion. These wheels reach up to the surface and invade it. On the other side of the surface forming a Qr-code ("Quick response code") that functions as a database. Thanks to Qr-code, it is possible to have quick and easy access to photos, videos, texts and all relevant information available. In this way, the Q-Art Code project offers the viewer a complete panorama on the activities of the museum and beyond.


The project Q-Art Code relates and connects two parallel worlds, the physical and the digital. A fusion of tradition and modernity.


Avoid Theochari thank for the help, Vagelis Giotopoulos for photographs and Napoleon Rodogiannis for the website.


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